DOCFOCUS (DFI) - Document Management System provides organizations of any size the ability to successfully store, retrieve and process a variety of self-scanned and electronically captured documents. Instant access to these documents allows our clients to address any customer concerns or questions that may arise in an efficient manner. DFI ensures that the increasing Document Management needs of our clients are met by enabling businesses to grow from a single user system (DFI eLITE Workgroup System) to a multiple user system (DFI eLITE Enterprise System).

Key Elements of Document Management Systems
Paper documents are self-scanned, while electronic documents are auto captured or imported then converted into TIFF or PDF form.
DFI Document Management Systems provide safe, accessible and reliable storage for our clients’ documents. DFI accommodates changing documents, growing volumes and advances in technology.
For easy retrieval of documents, the client enters a few fields or keywords describing the document they wish to retrieve.
DFI Document Management Systems provide easy methods for searchingand viewing stored documents using Profile information.
Provides access to documents based on user authorization and maintains audit trails for every document.