DOCFOCUS Document Management System enables businesses to better manage their paper and electronic documentation process.
Our clients can efficiently:

DOCFOCUS captures and profiles any scanned documents that are in TIFF or PDF format; this allows clients to self-scan a variety of documents including documents containing handwriting.

Electronic Capture
Clients can electronically capture a legal representation of documents from their Financial System in TIFF or PDF format.

Electronic Signature Capture
Electronic documents are transferred to a tablet for customer/employee signature. Once signed, the document is automatically stored with that signature.

Electronically Profile Documents
DFI automatically captures primary information of manually scanned and electronic documents. This allows simple searching and retrieval of documents in the future.



DFI provides a long-term and reliable storage for documents and profile information.

The Profile provides clients with a summary of the document information.

The document search and retrieval process uses information from stored documents as well as profile information to find documents stored in the Document Management System.

Documents are readily available to authorized users in all geographical locations.

Batch Email/Fax
Batch emailing or faxing of documents will queue items that have been identified for sending out electronically.