Gregg Distributors Catalogue Index Search Program 

There have been some issues reported relating to the installing of the "Gregg Distributors Catalogue Index Search Program" requesting the user to license their installed program  In most cases, trying to reinstall the program again using administrator, has resolved the issue.
NOTE: Licensing is not required for this program, if you installed the program directly from the download package from the Gregg Web Site!
This issue may occur when:
  • the program installation had failed during installation, or 
  • the program may have improperly been installed without using the Administrator function, or 
  • you have attempted to copy the program after the program was installed on your computer to another folder location on your computer, or 
  • the program was copied to another computer without installing from the download package or provided CD.
An important item to remember when installing the program for the first time is to use the administrator's function. In most cases, you just right click on the program install package that you downloaded and select install as Administrator.   
Some Gregg's customers have reported that the program requires licensing. The program only requires licensing if improperly installed or is being used for other purposes than the "Gregg Distributors Catalogue Index Search".  Which will require you to purchase a license from DFI Inc.  To avoid this licensing issue, see the troubleshooting steps below.  
Trouble Shooting Steps:
The steps to try for to fix this issue are, 
  • to try to reinstall the program again, as Administrator, as in most cases, this has resolved the issue.
If this doesn't work, 
  • download the program again, from Gregg's website or from the provided CD,
  • check the Windows Installed Programs for a previous install and uninstall the program before continuing,
  • remember to uninstall the current program. If the program was installed on your computer, the program should show up in your Windows Programs installations.
  • download the program again, from Gregg's website or the provided CD, 
  • install the program downloaded program package, as Administrator.
If you are still having an issue, please submit a DFI Support email, and include your full contact information: your name, company, phone number and email address.  To assist us, please include the computer operating system and version that you're using Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.
see the link to download "Gregg Distributors Catalogue Index Search Program


Thank you,

DFI Support Team