Document Management has increased in popularity over the years by providing our clients with benefits such as:

Reducing Costs
DFI eliminates the extra labour costs that are associated with manually filing documents. Since documents are in electronic form, costs from ground postage are reduced if not eliminated. Though some customers may never accept emailed or faxed documents, our clients reported that they eliminated approximately 90% of handling and postage costs with our system.

Managing Documents Effectively
DFI Document Management Systems enable our clients to successfully manage all financial and business documents. Since all these documents are available on-line in a central location; clients have access to any document at any time. There is no longer a need to make duplicate copies of documents as all documents are available to approved users to access and retrieve at their convenience. DFI can improve overall efficiency and productivity by reducing the amount of paperwork in our client’s office and prevent misfiling and lost documents.

Reducing Customer Response Time
According to our clients, it took approximately 20-30 minutes over three days to answer customer questions without a Document Management System in place. With the use of DFI Document Management System, our clients are able to effectively answer customer questions within moments.



Quick Access To Information
Due to the centralized location of all our clients’ documents, there is no time wasted on searching for specific documents through a mass amount of filing cabinets and file folders.

Less Office Space Required To House Filing Cabinets
Without any Document Management System, vast amount of space can be designated for storing active and archival paper documents. Clients can also eliminate the capital costs associated with storing paper documents.

Increased Employee Satisfaction
By implementing a DFI Document Management System, businesses can avoid the wasted time that it takes to file or retrieve documents from file cabinets. Clients have emphasized how much employees appreciate using a Document Management System verses manually filing and retrieving paper documents.