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Landscaping Services

DFI provides landscaping services can provide your project with the rough grade survey plan, professional grade staking, rough grading, final grading, topsoil placement and sod installation. We only use quality base and topsoil materials and locally source Kentucky Bluegrass. With our Surveyor partner, we can provide the final survey plan of the rough grade for you to provide local bylaw permit department.

Rough and Fine Grading
DFI can provide you with all your rough grade survey plan, rough grade staking and complete the rough grading dirt work required to establish the correct grading before placing the required topsoil materials for your landscaping project. Establishing the correct rough grade is extremely important to ensure proper water run-off before placing the topsoil materials.
Rough Grade Dirt Work
DFI can provide your project with a hard pack clay base materials for the establishment of the initial rough grade that will provide you with the correct water drainage. Having a solid rough grade base is important before establishing the proper topsoil materials for proper sod and plant growth.
Our Surveyor partner can do the rough grade survey and provide you a rough grade plan.
Final Topsoil Work
We can provide and place high quality sifted topsoil and other required materials to meet your local bylaw specifications before any sod, rock work or plant placement is completed.  

Sod Installation Services
We install locally high-quality Kentucky Bluegrass for both commercial and residential applications. Our sod provider has their own family barm blend of seed that promotes high endurance and survivability and their blend of Kentucky bluegrass is unmatchable. can provide and place high quality sifted topsoil and other required materials to meet your local bylaw specifications before any sod, rock work or plant placement is completed.

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Fencing Services

DFI has experienced contractors that can provide fencing service for your business, farm or home. DFI can provide a variety of fencing solutions for all your fencing needs.

We supply, install and repair fences and gates for farms, commercial and, residential properties. 

Give us a call, if its related to fencing we do it!


  • Galvanized and Vinyl Coated (Green, Black, Brown) Chain Link
  • Ornamental Iron
  • Vinyl
  • Composite LongLasting PL
  • Wood
  • Wire Mesh
  • Farm pos and wood rail and post and wire
  • Fence Post Installation Only ( for your do it yourself project)


  • Manually Operated
  • Automatic

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Snow Removal Services

DFI can provide commercial and residential snow removal by contract or as an on-demand service, in the Leduc and surrounding area!

Winter Maintenance Program includes

  • Snow Plowing services for parking lots, driveway and walkways
  • Loader service (snow piling & hauling)
  • Snow removal (haul away)
  • Parking lot sanding & salting
  • Walkway maintenance
  • Salt or de-icer application

Both commercial and residential services

  • contracted monthly,
  • seasonal, and
  • on-demand Services

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